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Strategic Plan 2013-2017


The Audubon Naturalist Society inspires residents of the greater Washington, DC, region to appreciate, understand, and protect their natural environment through outdoor experiences, education, and advocacy.


The Audubon Naturalist Society seeks to create a larger and more diverse community of people who treasure the natural world and work to preserve it.


Increase environmental awareness and understanding throughout the DC metro region by delivering inspiring nature education programs that nurture a lifetime of outdoor discovery, exploration and stewardship.

Objective 1

Expand and diversify participants in ANS’ environmental education programs to widen the community of people who treasure the natural world and work to preserve it.

Objective 2

Enhance and improve nature education opportunities for children outside of school from early childhood to age eighteen to grow the next generation of environmental stewards.

Objective 3

Expand environmental education offerings to ensure that children in DC metro area schools engage in meaningful environmental education and stewardship throughout their academic careers, from pre-K through high school.

Objective 4

Expand the community of DC area adults who engage with and care for the natural world by delivering the region’s highest quality nature experiences for lifelong learners.

Objective 5

Maximize ANS staff capacity to deliver top-tier environmental education programs.