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Strategic Plan 2013-2017


The Audubon Naturalist Society inspires residents of the greater Washington, DC, region to appreciate, understand, and protect their natural environment through outdoor experiences, education, and advocacy.


The Audubon Naturalist Society seeks to create a larger and more diverse community of people who treasure the natural world and work to preserve it.


Educate and mobilize citizens of the DC metro region to restore and protect their local watersheds.

Objective 1

Ten Mile Creek Campaign: Protect Montgomery's last, best creek by advocating for and leveraging science-based requirements in a Limited Clarksburg Master Plan Amendment.

Objective 2

Stream Restoration and Protection: Engage, train, equip and mobilize citizens of all ages in the DC metro region to monitor local water quality and protect and restore local streams.

Objective 3

Watershed Protection and Restoration: Advocate for full implementation of regional county watershed protection and restoration plans.

Objective 4

Woodend Watershed Restoration: Transform Woodend Sanctuary into the DC region's flagship educational center that demonstrates, teaches and champions citizen engagement in urban watershed restoration and protection.