Watts Branch

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This is the first site monitored by ANS. It is located in Watts Branch Stream Valley Park upstream of the Glen Road Bridge in Potomac, Maryland. At this point, WattsBranch is a third order stream, meaning it takes in flow from smaller tributaries. Since the site was opened, increased housing development upstream has contributed non-point source runoff, which has affected bank and streambed stability, habitat integrity, and water quality.





1.1Bonnie Coe, Yoli Del Buono, and Catherine Del Buono collect in the lower riffle. Riffles are shallow areas in the stream where the velocity is rapid, and bottom material consists of boulders, cobbles, gravel, and/or sand. (Photo by Cathy Wiss)


1.2Volunteer monitors collect macroinvertebrates in the upper riffle.
(Photo by Cathy Wiss)


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