Northwest Branch at Ednor Road

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site 18 chart NW Branch at Ednor Road

Organisms Found in 2010

Asellidae (sowbugs)
Baetidae (small minnow mayflies)
Calopterygidae (broadwinged damselflies)
Chironomidae (midges)
Corydalidae (dobsonflies/fishflies)
Decapoda (crayfish)
Dryopidae (long-toed beetles)
Elmidae (riffle beetles)
Gomphidae (clubtail dragonflies)
Heptageniidae (flatheaded mayflies)
Heptageniidae G. Stenonema/

Hydropsychidae (common netspinner caddisflies)
Limnephilidae (northern casemaker caddisflies)
Nemouridae (nemourid broadback stoneflies)
Oligochaeta (aquatic worms)
Perlodidae (perlodid stoneflies)
Philopotamidae (fingernet caddisflies)
Physidae (pouch snails)
Planariidae (planarians/flatworms)
Polycentropodidae (trumpetnet caddisflies)
Psephenidae (water pennies)
Simuliidae (black flies)
Tipulidae (crane flies)
Tipulidae G. Antocha
Unknown Ephemeroptera (mayflies)

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site within its watershed

1 - Alan, Torre, and James collect the sample

Alan Hedin, Torre Taylor, and James Firth collect the sample


Derek Jackson and Torre Taylor look for macroinvertebrates. (Photo by Cathy Wiss)

3 - (Clockwise from left) Becky, Alan, Derek, and Torre identify macroinvertebrates




(Clockwise from left) Becky Hedin, Alan Hedin, and Derek Jackson find macroinvertebrates while team leader Torre Taylor identifies them.

Derek Jackson assesses erosion on the left bank (Photo by Cathy Wiss)


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