Normanstone Run of Rock Creek

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site 30 chart Normanstone Run

Organisms Found in 2010

Amphipoda (scuds)
Baetidae (small minnow mayflies)
Chironomidae (midges)
Culicidae (mosquitoes)
Hirudinea (leeches)
Hydropsychidae (common netspinner caddisflies)
Oligochaeta (aquatic works)
Philopotamidae (fingernet caddisflies)
Physidae (pouch snails)
Simuliidae (black flies)
Tipulidae (crane flies)


ThumbnailMap of Normanstone Run

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site within its watershed

Normanstone Run, winter 2011  (photo by Mike Kolian)
Stormwater outfall and upper bridge  (photo by Mike Kolian)


Lower bridge  (photo by Mike Kolian)


Riprap placed to stabilize the banks, winter 2011  (photo by Mike Kolian)

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