Interactive Map of Water Quality Monitoring Sites

At present, ANS's 25 monitoring sites are located in one of the following watersheds: Little Bennett, Little Seneca, Great Seneca, Watts Branch, Rock Creek, Sligo Creek, Northwest Branch, and Paint Branch. An important task of water quality monitors is to collect and identify benthic macroinvertebrates, small organisms that dwell on the substrate and exhibit a wide range of sensitivity to pollutants and other impacts on the stream. Over time, this helps us identify stressors that disrupt or impair the stream ecosystem. This, in turn, serves as the first step in addressing problems in our streams and developing ways to improve the quality of our water resources, including drinking water.

Click on pushpins ( pushpin ) in map for available site data and detailed information.  Click here for a list of Water Quality Monitoring Sites.


Water Quality Monitoring Sites (click on links to see data):

Site #1: Watts Branch

Site #5: North Branch of Rock Creek, Bowie Mill Road
Site #6: Rock Creek, Muncaster Mill Road
Site #7: North Branch of Rock Creek, Kengla Conference Center
Site #8: North Branch Rock Creek, Meadowside Nature Center
Site #10: Rock Creek, Agricultural History Farm Park
Site #11: Mill Creek
Site #14: Dayspring Tributary of Great Seneca Creek
Site #15: Countryside Tributary of Paint Branch
Site #18: Northwest Branch at Ednor Road
Site #19: Great Seneca Creek at Riffle Ford Road
Site #20: Wildcat Branch
Site #23: Pinehurst Tributary of Rock Creek
Site #24: Gunner's Branch
Site #25: Goshen Branch
Site #30: Normanstone Run of Rock Creek
Site #31: Hazen Run of Rock Creek
Site #32: Unnamed Tributary of Ten Mile Creek
Site #33: Bucklodge Branch
Site #34: Sligo Creek
Site #35: Northwest Branch At Sandy Spring
Site #36: Dark Branch
Site #37: Ten Mile Creek
Site #38: Northwest Branch At Kemp Mill Road
Site #39: Fallsreach Tributary of Watts Branch
Site #40: Good Hope Tributary of Paint Branch

Major funding foCBT BayPlate Logor this project was provided by the Chesapeake Bay Trust and the MARPAT Foundation, Inc. with additional support from the following foundations: The Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment, The Summit Fund of Washington.




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