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Energy Conservation: Watt's Up?

Students conduct a classroom energy audit using tools such as watt meters, light meters, and digital thermometers. You may be surprised at how much energy is being wasted in a typical classroom! GreenKids will help you identify ways to increase energy efficiency both at school and at home.
Best for Grades 4 & 5
60 minutes

Lesson Files

* Sligo Creek Elementary School teacher Lori Dodson modified the student data worksheet so her students could formulate hypotheses and make predictions before taking watt meter and temperature measurements in the classroom. A 60-watt light bulb was used as the frame of reference for watt meter predictions.

MCPS teachers may be able to borrow watt meters, digital thermometers and light meters from the MCPS SERT office. Contact your school's SERT facilitator to check availability.