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The Maryland Green School Program

The Maryland Green School Award Program is administered by the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) and recognizes schools that:

  • "Use their school site and curricular instruction to prepare students to understand and act on current and future environmental challenges facing all Marylanders.
  • Model environmental best management practices in building and landscape design, operation and maintenance.
  • Build and maintain partnerships with the local community to enhance environmental learning and to design and implement projects and programs that result in a healthier environment."

To become a Maryland Green School, schools must document their activities over a two-year period.

GreenKids educators guide their schools through the Green School certification process. GreenKids also offers an annual Maryland Green School workshop for teachers

To date, all 47 GreenKids schools that have applied to become Maryland Green Schools while participating in the GreenKids Partnership Program have earned this prestigious award!

More information about MAEOE and the Green School Program can be found on the MAEOE website.

Teachers & GreenKids staff collaborate as they work on their Green School applications during a Maryland Green School workshop at Woodend Sanctuary.
GreenKids Jenny Brown and teacher Suzette Chagnon review materials for New Hampshire Estates Elementary's Green School application.