North Branch of Rock Creek,
Meadowside Nature Center

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site 8 chart north branch of rock creek at meadowside nature center

Organisms Found in 2010

Amphipoda (scuds)
Ancylidae (limpets)
Baetidae (small minnow mayflies)
Chironomidae (midges)
Decapoda (crayfish)
Elmidae (riffle beetles)
Heptageniidae (flatheaded mayflies)
Hydrophilidae (water scavenger beetles)
Hydropsychidae (common netspinner caddisflies)
Isonychiidae (brushlegged mayflies)
Oligochaeta (aquatic worms)
Philopotamidae (fingernet caddisflies)
Physidae (pouch snails)
Planariidae (planarians/flatworms)
Psephenidae (water pennies)
Simuliidae (black flies)
Tipulidae (crane flies)

ThumbnailMap of North Branch of Rock Creek at Meadowside Nature Center
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site within its watershed


Team leader Theresa Zmola measures the stream reach.  (Photo by Conrad May)

Sharon Green helps measure the reach.  (Photo by Conrad May)

(Clockwise from left) Conrad May, Chris May, Zoe Zmola, Brett Johnson, and Zane Zmola collect the sample.  (Photo by Conrad May)
4 - Marianne Starr  Bill Coyle  and Ginny May empty the net

Marianne Starr, Bill Coyle, and Ginny May empty the net.  (Photo by Conrad May)

Gale Minnich Blewis, Ginny May, and Carolyn Coyle search for macroinvertebrates.  (Photo by Conrad May)

Zane Zmola and Brett Johnson examine an interesting find.  (Photo by Conrad May)

Conrad May looks for macroinvertebrates hiding in the algae.  (Photo by Conrad May)

An expert monitor joins the team.  (Photo by Conrad May)

Chris May, Ginny May, Sharon Green, and Zoe Zmola help team leader Theresa Zmola identify the sample.  (Photo by Conrad May)

The team conducts the habitat assessment.  (Photo by Conrad May)


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