North Branch of Rock Creek, Kengla Conference Center

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thumbnailMap of North Branch of Rock Creek at Kengla Conference Center
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A streambed of large boulders and cobbles characterizes this third order stream, one of the original ANS monitoring stations. It is located downstream of the foot bridge at the Kengla Conference Center in North Branch Stream Valley Park, Rockville, Maryland. The watershed is comprised of deciduous forests and moderate density residential development. Part of the watershed is in the Upper Rock Creek Planning Area. The site is downstream of the Intercounty Connector.

IBI - Site 7N Br Rock Creek at Kengla2


Organisms Found in 2010

Aeshnidae (darners)
Amphipoda (scuds)
Ancylidae (limpets)
Asellidae (aquatic sowbugs)
Baetidae (small minnow mayflies)
Calopterygidae (broadwinged damselfies)
Chironomidae (midges)
Coenagrionidae (narrowwinged damselflies)
Corbiculidae (Asiatic clams)
Corydalidae (dobsonflies/fishflies)
Decapoda (crayfish)
Dryopidae (long-toed water beetles)
Elmidae (riffle beetles)

Ephemerellidae (spiny crawler mayflies)
Ephmerellidae G. Eurylophella
Gomphidae (clubtail dragonflies)
Heptageniidae (flatheaded mayflies)
Hydropsychidae (common netspinner caddisflies)
Isonychiidae (brushlegged mayflies)
Oligochaeta (aquatic worms)
Philopotamidae (fingernet caddisflies)
Physidae (pouch snails)
Planariidae (planarians/flatworms)
Psephenidae (water pennies)
Simuliidae (black flies)
Tipulidae (crane flies)


Team leader Kathy Ferger, Lori Tsang, and Roxane Sismanidis measure the reach.
(Photo by Cathy Wiss)

Sandy Schaefer, Kathy Ferger, and John Schaefer conduct the habitat assessment.
(Photo by Cathy Wiss)


The team:  Kathy Ferger and Lori Tsang (seated); Gale Minnich Blewis, Teri Baranano, Sandy Schaefer, and John Schaefer (standing).  (Photo by Cathy Wiss)

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