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Organisms Found in 2010

Amphipoda (scuds)
Caenidae (small squaregills mayflies)
Calopterygidae (broadwinged damselflies)
Ceratopogonidae (biting midges)
Chironomidae (midges)
Coenagrionidae (narrowwinged damselflies)
Corbiculidae (Asiatic clams)
Corydalidae (dobsonflies/fishflies)
Culicidae (mosquitoes)
Decapoda (crayfish)
Elmidae (riffle beetles)
Gomphidae (clubtail dragonflies)
Hirudinea (leeches)
Hydropsychidae (common netspinner caddisflies)
Pelecypoda (clams/mussels)
Philopotamidae (fingernet caddisflies)
Planariidae (planarians/flatworms)
Simuliidae (black flies)
Tipulidae (crane flies)
Unknown Anisoptera (dragonflies)
Unknown Gastropoda (snails)
Unknown Zygoptera (damselflies)

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The team:  Bettina Camcigil, team leader John Miller, Mary Kazantseva, and Chanya Liv
Conducting the habitat assessment during the drought of Fall 2007
Severe erosion has toppled many large trees


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